Are cruises even fun?

The ship is full of activities, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep. That doesn't even include the time you're off the ship. Even if you book an all-you-can-drink cruise, keep in mind that most cruises will still find ways to charge you. Expect to pay more for premium alcoholic beverages or shell out cash for hidden service charges.

While some cruise lines offer single-occupancy cabins, such as Royal Caribbean, many will charge you a one-time supplement that can range from 10% to 100% of the original cruise fare if you book alone. There are fun Caribbean cruises where beaches and water activities are the center of attention, as well as Alaska cruises, where couples can enjoy unforgettable experiences, such as dog sledding and whale watching. Even though roller coaster cruises and other details attract a lot of attention, there are actually a lot of different cruise experiences. At the same time, I'll share that 9 out of 10 people who surf once return to surf, and that's a statistic that's been true for years, not because people like to be crowded or in floating malls.

Major cruise lines such as Celebrity, Princess and Holland America offer a beautiful cruise environment with great food and drink, quality entertainment and enriching activities. It's much less planning on my own (although, believe me, I'm still figuring out how to micromanage a cruise vacation), and I know my husband likes the decompression of a cruise ship. If you prefer an energetic cruise with fun shows and activities, you'll find it on many Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruises. From Royal Caribbean's Aquatheater and Zipline, Norwegian Cruise Line's best racing cars, to Carnival's offshore roller coaster, these cruises have top-notch attractions on board.

In case you find yourself stranded, most cruise lines have agents stationed in the port area to help you organize your trip so you can catch the cruise ship at the next stop.

Elise Thorne
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