Can Vaccination Reduce the Risk of Long Covid-19?

Vaccination against COVID-19 has been proven to reduce the risk of developing prolonged COVID and improve symptoms of prolonged COVID among those who were not vaccinated when infected, according to a comprehensive review conducted by the United Kingdom. It is possible to contract COVID-19 through an intercurrent infection even after being vaccinated, and it is also possible to contract a prolonged COVID after being vaccinated, although the odds are significantly reduced. The research shows that the likelihood of developing long-term COVID is much lower among those who are vaccinated. Dr.

Deeks states that people who are vaccinated appear to have an average 50% lower risk of developing long-term COVID than those who are not vaccinated. This is in line with several studies conducted in the United Kingdom. Many people worry that an infection could cause prolonged COVID even after being vaccinated, but the most recent research shows that this can happen, although the risk is much lower for those who have been vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and effective”, according to Dr., although some patients may suffer from intercurrent infections.

Vaccination is a key step in reducing the risk of long Covid-19 and should be taken seriously by everyone.

Elise Thorne
Elise Thorne

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