Cruise Lines That No Longer Require Masks

Cruising is a popular way to explore the world, and many travelers are eager to get back on the open seas. But with the pandemic still ongoing, many cruise lines have implemented safety protocols, including the requirement to wear masks. However, some cruise lines have recently revoked the obligation to wear masks on certain ships this summer. Azamara is one of the cruise lines that no longer requires passengers to wear masks on their ships, although they still recommend them.

Carnival has also removed the mask mandate from its ships. Disney Cruise Line, which recently welcomed a new ship to its fleet, requires unvaccinated children to wear their masks when using shared onboard youth centers, and also asks all travelers to wear a mask at all times when at the cruise terminal. It's important to note that while some cruise lines have relaxed their mask policies, they still require travelers to follow other safety protocols. For example, many cruise lines require passengers to be tested for COVID-19 before boarding and may also require them to quarantine for a period of time before embarking.

Additionally, many cruise lines are still enforcing social distancing measures onboard and in public areas. When planning a cruise vacation, it's important to research the safety protocols of each cruise line before booking. While some cruise lines have relaxed their mask policies, others may still require them. Additionally, it's important to check the latest travel advisories and restrictions for your destination before booking a cruise.

Elise Thorne
Elise Thorne

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