How to cruise vacation?

Bring your own beverages onboard. Many first-time cruise ships assume they can't bring their own beverages onboard a ship. But a lot of lines will allow it, usually with. If everything you know about cruises comes from The Love Boat, it's probably time to take another look at everything modern cruise vacations offer.

Old-fashioned stereotypes about sea vacations are surprisingly widespread, and without the right education, you could be making a lot of false assumptions about what to expect on your first cruise. Schedules and guidelines for formal nights vary by cruise line (and even by cruise line), so it's best to check your itinerary before you start packing to find out what to bring. It's a list drawn not only from my own experience over 20 years of cruising, but also from the observations of more than 100 cruise ship fans who shared their advice with TPG in a lively conversation on the subject at the TPG Lounge on Facebook. According to the International Cruise Line Association (CLIA), in 1999, 5.4 million North Americans traveled on U.-owned ships.

On most cruise lines, this option requires you to choose between eating early (around 6 in the afternoon) or late (around 8 in the afternoon) during the cruise. Carnival, for example, is mostly a casual evening cruise dress code, with the occasional Cruise Elegant nights where you have the opportunity to dress as much as you want. If you're planning your first cruise vacation and need help navigating the myriad destinations, lines and ships, don't worry. Cruise lines also often offer prepaid tips, beverage packages and onboard credits as incentives to book during certain times of the year (especially from January to March), which can result in significant savings in the total cost of the cruise.

The small cruise ship gym is a thing of the past, and today's modern ships have made health and wellness a central part of the cruise experience. Some of the most important cruise ship horror stories you'll find on the Internet are stories of cruise ship newbies who accumulated thousands of dollars in mobile phone charges while on ships. A few glasses of wine here and a cocktail here and there can take a big toll at the end of your cruise vacation.

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